Style Grinder is an online documentation/diary that focuses on variousĀ partsĀ of fashion and fashion industry. A way to showcase different sources, mediums, subjects and anything that I find related to my research or something that motivates and/or inspires me. Where one is paired with another to creates something playful or pleasing to eyes. The main focus is outfits and colour combinations. But, I will put anything that I believe should be addressed more and more.

Currently studying as a Fashion & Textiles Student at Walsall College since September, 2015. My motivation behind creating this website was to digitally showcase my interests into various subjects or icons, mostly related to fashion and art. However, more than anything else, this website is to show people my personal experience as a fashion student and an aspiring fashion designer since I believe the whole concept is put out there but only a few get to understand an insider.